We’re not perfect, but we’re keeping it real…

As with many food and beverage companies, plastic is unfortunately a part of doing business. They make it so darned inexpensive and useful that most manufacturers use it to provide affordable and fresh products to the masses. Right now, this still includes us.

Due to our current manufacturing capabilities we’re forced to use plastic shrink wrap to keep our glass bottles safe in their cardboard tray. The plastic is fully recyclable and is made of 30% recycled material, however knowing this is still not acceptable we are working with our partners and suppliers to remove this plastic entirely. Unfortunately, the change isn’t possible overnight. We have committed to having this shrink wrap abolished by the end of 2024, making all of Lo Bros primary and secondary packaging plastic free.

Like our Australian buds, we’ll be publishing quarterly impact reports so you’ll have full transparency of our progress against this goal. Plus, you can keep tabs on when, where and how many plastic bottles we’ve removed from our oceans and waterways. Please check back in July for Lo Bros Impact Report #1!