Bacteria. Live culture. Low sugar. Fermentation.

Seriously - with all this crazy going on in every bottle and can, it shouldn't taste as deliciously brilliant as it does! How do we make this taste-bud awakening, thirst-conquering magic happen? Well follow us down the page to find out.


A fun combo of fresh raspberries and zingy lemon - it’s a little taste of childhood without all the post sugar crash tears and mum yelling at you to stop jumping on the couch!


A refreshing blast of sunshine from the very first sip. A timeless summer flavour of juicy, sun-kissed oranges with golden ripe mangos straight out of the tropics.

Ginger & Lemon

This feisty duo don't muck around - you won’t just taste it, you’ll feel it too. With a tart, lemony zing and spicy little ginger kick to the tastebuds, it’s one of our bestsellers for a reason!


Oh hello, Mango. Lightly sparkling and naturally low in sugar, with juicy sunripened mangoes for all the tropical summer feels without the sunburn! Serve icy cold.


Packing a powerful potent punch - our Ginger & Turmeric Lo Bros Kombucha has an earthy, spicy flavour for those who just dont do sweet.


Super drink - meet superfood! Full of antioxidants from juicy organic blueberries and packed with millions of probiotics from kombucha. And it’s naturally low in sugar. Could a drink get any more perfect! (hint: no)


This one hits the sweet-spot for all those summer-lovers out there - the refreshingly tart taste of vine ripened passionfruit and natural pops of flavour.


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Available in New Zealand only.


Move over Ed and Harry - there’s a new favourite Ginger in town. Brewed with kombucha, raw apple cider vinegar and ginger juice, with a hops-y taste and a dash of chili for that traditional ginger beer taste.


Everyone’s favourite mixer - minus all the sugar. Kombucha blended with raw apple cider with aromatic bitters made from botanical herbs, spices and citrus extract. Add to a refreshing cocktail or just enjoy it on its own.


Finally a cola that loves you back! Our award-winning Cola is made with a proper old-school cola recipe - infused with botanical spices and citrus extracts, it’s naturally low in sugar and full of that quenching cola flavour you’ll love to the very last drop.